We evolve

The winery tells the story of hard work
A constant relationship between
nature, humanity and art.


In keeping with the Italian design tradition

The new Lvnae winery project has its origins in the Italian design tradition: bringing together the artist and the entrepreneur.

“A good project requires the passionate alliance of two people: the artist, who represents utopia, and the entrepreneur, who represents the real world. A relationship in which both figures contribute at every stage, sharing professionalism, artistic sensitivity, trust and shared points of view.” 

Andrea Del Sere – designer. Paolo and Diego Bosoni – Viticulturists.

An immersive space to explore and get involved. We are delighted to welcome you and make you part of our experience.

Our winery was built thanks to the contribution of the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development: Europe invests in rural areas.
M 4.2 _ Rural Development Project 2014-2020

Art in dialogue with nature

The external profile of the new cellar embraces the natural landscape: a striking green terrace, a single inclined plane of grass, a reference to the terraces and slopes of the Apuan Alps. The approach to the cellar is intimate, a journey through they vineyards, landscaped greenery and stones in the style of traditional dry stone walls. The dialogue between humanity and nature is reflected in the natural choice of construction materials and in the finishing textures. On the surface, the color palette reflects a range of soil types while the subterranean areas suggest deeper oxides and minerals.

Workplaces as art spaces

Functionality and aesthetics, working spaces and design, environment and quality of work. Environments conceived as works of art: installations, use of light, soft furnishings, internal architectural elements. Each element was designed individually for the specific space, each carefully created for the component area that makes up the whole.

“We have tried to ensure that the word “useful” does not become a boundary that separates the artistic universe from the concrete world. We have reduced the distances between representative environments and workspaces, aware that beauty is quality, aesthetics is ethics, that directly affect the well-being of those who work in the cellar”.

Andrea Del Sere

What we do: research and innovation

In the cellar we harness the fruits of our labour. We do so with respect and simplicity, paying particular attention to the qualities and characteristics of the individual vineyards and the different areas of production. We vinify in steel tanks at a controlled temperature. We refine the wines mainly in large wooden barrels. Our objective is to preserve the freshness, balance and identity of every single label.


With the design of the new cellar, the clear focus was on respecting the environment and sustainability. A photovoltaic system installed on the roof provides for more than half of our energy needs, while the remaining part of the electricity used is acquired from renewable sources only. A geothermal system with horizontal probes allows some of the rooms in the basement to be naturally air-conditioned. The green mantle that covers the main front of the cellar supports the natural conditioning of the rooms and contains storage tanks for rainwater recovery.